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Unwanted Attention

Part II

Roy and Johnny had just laid Nicole and Joanne down when Johnny felt something in his side. Since he was closest to the back of the squad, Callie was able to sneak up on him and keep hidden behind the squad while she talked to them.

“Hello, Johnny. Why did you save them? You know you don’t really love them and it would have just been easier if you had let them die.” Callie had a cold tone to her voice as Johnny turned to look at the woman. Before he could answer her, she continued. “They won’t find the children in the house. After all, they are our children and we need to take care of them. Now, Chris, Jennifer, and the twins are in the car and waiting for us. You and Roy are going to come around here without letting the others see you and go with us. If you don’t, you will never see your kids again. Mandy is in the car with them and if we don’t all come back pretty soon, she will get nervous and take it out on the kids.”

Roy had been listening to Callie while he checked out Joanne. The chill went down his back as he listened to her. Both women should be coming around. Then it hit Roy. They had probably been drugged. Neither man wanted to leave their wives, but at least they were alive. Right now Johnny and Roy’s main concern were their children. Making sure that Captain Stanley and Mike were looking at the house waiting for Marco and Chet to come back out, they slowly moved around the squad where they could no longer be seen by the rest of the crew and walked back to the Gage’s van with Callie firmly holding the gun she held into Johnny’s side.

Chet and Marco were just coming out of the door when a movement just down from the engine caught Chet’s eye. Seeing Johnny and Roy with some woman he was about to yell when something didn’t feel right. Then he noticed that the woman kept looking around for something and he saw the gun she was holding in Johnny’s side. He stepped back into the doorway so that she wouldn’t notice that he had seen her and motioned Marco to take a look. Marco knew that something was wrong so was very cautious when he looked out the door and saw the same thing Chet had seen. When the three people had disappeared, both men took off running to Captain Stanley.

Chet was short but he was quick when he needed to be. “Cap, Cap, we’ve got a problem.”

Captain Stanley looked at Chet and turned to see if Roy had heard Chet yelling. He was startled when Roy and Johnny were nowhere to be found.

“Cap, the kids are not in the house, but I think Johnny and Roy are in trouble.” Chet was panting as he pulled up to a stop in front of Hank Stanley and Mike.

“What do you mean?” Captain Stanley was getting worried. The two women were still lying by the squad and their husbands seemed to have disappeared. Roy and Johnny would never willingly leave their wives like that.

“When we were coming out of the house, Roy and Johnny were walking down that way with a woman who had a gun in Johnny’s back.” Marco was worried about his friends.

Just then the Gage van drove by. Johnny was driving and even with the distance between them, Hank Stanley saw the fear on Johnny’s face.

“Go check on Joanne and Nicole. I’m going to call for the police and another squad as well as an ambulance. Something is wrong. Neither of them has woken up yet.” Hank was already pulling the mike from its holder in the engine. “LA, this is engine 51. We need another squad and engine at our location as well as an ambulance and the police.”

“10-4, Engine 51”

Hank grabbed Marco and together they manned the hose to see if they could salvage some of Roy’s home. Chet waited near the two women, silently praying for his two friends and their kids.

Fifteen minutes later, Joanne and Nicole were on their way to Rampart, they had been lucky enough to put out the fire with only the living room sustaining damage and the police were taking their reports.

Vince had been the first one on the scene when he realized it was Roy’s home. “Did either of you recognize the woman?”

There was something nibbling at the back of Chet’s mind. After thinking about it for a minute, he almost shouted. “Yes!” Everyone turned to look at him as he continued. “Cap, remember that huge auto accident a little over a month ago? There was a set of twins injured in the crash and when they left the accident scene they were both unconscious. I was kidding Johnny about him being ‘dead’ because he wasn’t even interested in them. He told me that the girls had kissed him and Roy in the treatment room. The woman was one of the twins.”

“Are you sure, Chet?” Vince knew they could get some information on these women from the hospital records if Chet was right.

“Yeah, they were both very pretty. I’m sure.”

“Chet’s right. I remember them now that he mentioned it. Yes, she was one of the twins.” Marco felt he had seen the woman before and now he knew where.

“Thanks, I’ll check with Rampart and see what I can find out about them.” Vince was glad for a lead in this case. “I think we just found their secret admirers.”


Johnny was glad that Callie had her back to the house as they drove by. He saw Marco, Chet, Mike and Captain Stanley watching as they went. He just prayed that Nicole and Joanne were alright and that they would all get out of this somehow. Both men were worried since their children were involved.

Johnny’s thoughts were brought back to the van as Callie started talking. “Why did you guys save them? You know they aren’t worth it and they will just give us trouble. It would have been best if they had just died in that fire like they were supposed to. Oh well, we’ll just have to change our plan a little.”

“What did you do to the kids?” Johnny didn’t like the way that all the kids were sleeping as soundly as Nicole and Joanne were.

“We just gave them something to help them sleep until we get to where we are going.” Callie looked at Johnny like he should know that.

“Did you give Nicole and Joanne something to help them sleep, too?” Roy didn’t know what these women were capable of.

“Of course. We left them upstairs asleep so they wouldn’t feel anything when the fire got them. But you got there too soon. Like Callie said, we will just have to change our plan a little now.” Mandy was smiling at Roy in a way that made Roy sick to his stomach.

“Where are you taking us?” Johnny was trying to devise an escape plan that would get all of them out alive.

“Well, right now we want you to pull down that alley right there.” Callie pointed up ahead with her gun. Johnny turned down where she pointed. When he started to stop, she made him go back further and turn into an empty hidden parking lot in the back. “Now you get out with me. But don’t try anything because Mandy will be in the van with the kids and Roy and she has a gun, too.” Johnny nodded and exited out of the van. Callie led him around to the back and opened the tailgate. She pulled out a carton of milk and handed it to him. “Drink this.” Johnny drank the milk. “Sit down on the van.” Johnny sat and it was quiet for a few minutes. Then he started to get sleepy. The milk had been drugged. Callie helped him lie down in the back as Mandy brought Roy around and gave him a carton of milk to drink, too. Soon he was lying in the back of the van with Johnny, both oblivious to where they were headed.


Two hours later Nicole and Joanne were settled in a room at Rampart while the engine crew of Station 51’s A-shift were sitting around the table in the day room. No one felt like doing anything and they would all rather be at the hospital or out looking for Roy and Johnny.

Vince walked into the day room and found four very dejected men and two who looked very uncomfortable. Dwyer and Brice had been called in to fill in for the missing paramedics. “Hank, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Six heads popped up and looked at the policeman standing in the doorway. Hank Stanley was on his feet. “Have you heard anything, Vince? Did they find something?”

“No, we haven’t heard anything yet, but I thought you should know what we found out about the two women. We found that the twins that were hurt in that accident are Callie and Mandy Wandell. If they have Johnny and Roy, we need to find them fast.”

“Why’s that Vince?” Chet didn’t like what Vince was saying.

“I did a background check on the Wandell twins. They are wanted in three others states for stalking, kidnapping and murder. They find some unsuspecting men, stalk them and then eventually kidnap them. When they get tired of the men or the men put up too much of a fight, they kill them. Both women have spent time in mental institutions, but the doctors felt they were well enough to return to society and not be a threat to anyone.” Vince knew the men sitting at the table needed to hear the truth.

“Let’s just pray that we find them before anything happens and that Roy and Johnny won’t fight them too much.” Mike Stoker was as worried about his friends as anyone else.

“I don’t think they’ll do anything that will hurt their kids.” Marco looked at the faces of the men in the room. He was silently praying that this ordeal would end soon.

“How are Nicole and Joanne?” Vince wanted to take their minds off Johnny and Roy for a little while.

Before anyone could tell him that they hadn’t received any word yet, the phone rang. Dwyer was the one who was able to get up and answer it. “Hello, Station 51, Dwyer speaking.—Yes, he’s right here. Just a minute.” Dwyer held out the phone to Captain Stanley. “It’s Dr. Brackett. He wants to talk to you.”

Captain Stanley hoped it was good news as he took the phone. “Hello, Dr. Brackett.—That’s good.—What? Well, Vince is right here.—Yes, just a minute.” Turning to Vince, he addressed the whole room. “Vince, Nicole and Joanne are awake and they said that Callie told them where they were headed. Nicole wants to talk to you.”

“I’m on my way over there right now.” Vince was already out the door of the day room on a run to his car. The sirens were going as he pulled out of the driveway.

“He’s on his way, Dr. Brackett.—Yes, I think we can arrange that.—Yes, goodbye.” Hank turned to see five expectant faces staring back at him. “Dr. Brackett said that Nicole and Joanne were asking to see us. He thinks that it would be best if we could get over there as soon as possible. I need to call headquarters and update them on the situation and then we will make ourselves available from the hospital.”

“Cap, where did those women take Johnny and Roy?” Chet was very concerned that something would happen before they could find the two missing paramedics and their kids.

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out when we get to the hospital.” Hank turned and hurried to his office to call headquarters and update them on the latest.


Johnny slowly woke as the events of the last few hours flooded his mind. He found himself on a bed with his hands tied to the headboard and his feet tied to the foot of the bed. His survey of the room found Roy in the same predicament on the bed near him. Roy was still asleep. Johnny wondered where the kids were. Then he saw the two baby cribs just across the room at the foot of his bed. The babies were still asleep, but looked alright. That left Chris and Jennifer—where were they? Raising his head to look a little more, he saw the cots on the other side of Roy’s bed with the two children sleeping. Chris was beginning to stir. Now that he knew everyone was there and alright, Johnny took a look at the room they were in. It was a large room in a cabin. It looked like a meeting room of some kind. There was nothing in the room but the beds and the floor was covered in a layer of dirt, so Johnny figured it was an abandoned cabin of some kind. But where this cabin was located he didn’t know.

Chris was now awake and Jennifer was stirring. Chris looked around the room and jumped when he saw his father and Uncle Johnny tied to their beds. He was glad that Uncle Johnny was awake. “Uncle Johnny, how did you and Dad get here? How did any of us get here? Where are we?” For some reason Chris felt the need to whisper as he talked to his uncle.

“I don’t know where we are, but there are two women who brought us here. They gave us all something to make us sleep.” Johnny whispered, too.

Chris had made his way over to the bed and was going to untie Johnny, but Johnny told him not to. When Chris started to object, Johnny said they didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t want to make the two women mad. Chris nodded and looked at his sister. Knowing she was waking up, he quickly ran to her bed putting his arm around her shoulders and his hand over her mouth. For some reason she didn’t fight him, but looked at him in puzzlement.

Chris whispered in her ear and took his hand away from her mouth when she nodded. There was fear in her eyes when she saw her father and uncle. Seeing Johnny awake she quickly ran to his bed and climbed up to snuggle beside him for protection. By this time Roy was becoming aware of what was going on around him.

“Johnny, Chris, Jen, are you ok?” Roy was concerned for all of them and didn’t like the situation one bit. “What do these women want?”

“Yes, Roy, we’re all ok. I think they believe that we are going to be their family—that they will become our wives and the kids’ mothers. Roy, I think they need help. There is something not right.”

“Oh, man. I hope Nicole and Joanne are ok. They must be sick with worry right now.” Roy couldn’t help but compare these women with his wife and Nicole.

“So do I. They are both probably doing a lot of praying right now.” Johnny was worried about his wife. She had just given birth to two babies a week earlier and now those babies and her husband had been kidnapped. Add to that her best friend’s husband and her “niece and nephew” were also kidnapped and Johnny knew she was going to be an emotional basket case. He sent up a silent prayer that Nicole would be alright.

Chris and Jennifer quickly hurried back to their cots when they all heard a noise outside their door. By the time the door opened all four of them were pretending to still be asleep.

“They are still sleeping, Callie. Did we give them too much?” Mandy wanted Roy to wake up so she could tell him she loved him.

“No, they’ll wake up soon. Don’t worry Mandy, we are a family now and nothing is going to happen to change that.” Callie smiled to herself. Everything was right with the world now.

As the door closed, a silent tear ran down Johnny’s face. He had to figure out a way to get all of them out of this situation and back home alive.


Vince had talked to Nicole and Joanne and then hurried back to headquarters. He had to get a search under way. The San Andres Mountains held a lot of territory to cover, but at least it wasn’t the whole state of California.

The engine crew of Station 51 were now sitting on the chairs in Joanne and Nicole’s room. Captain Stanley held one of Nicole’s hands in his. She had not said a word since talking with Vince. There was a blank stare on her face and no one could get a response from her. Each of the men had tried. Joanne had tried. Dixie had tried. Even Dr. Brackett had tried. Hank sighed as he realized that once again Nicole had shut herself off from the rest of them like she had done after her ordeal with the Donaldsons. The only problem now was that the only one to get through to her after that ordeal was Jennifer and Jennifer was now missing with her brother, father, Johnny, and the twins. How were they going to get through to her now?


The babies started waking up and Johnny knew it was time to feed them. As the door opened this time, both Johnny and Roy kept their eyes open. They were going to help feed the babies.

“So you’re finally awake. It looks like Melanie and Melinda are hungry. Are you ready to help feed them?” The real meaning behind Callie’s question was loud and clear to both men.

“Yes, we are.” Johnny knew that Roy wanted to help keep the kids safe.

“Ok, let’s take them out in the other room.” Callie and Mandy untied Johnny and Roy acting like it was a normal occurrence. The men each picked up a baby and followed the two women into what looked like a large living room. But both men could tell this cabin had not been used in years. Chris and Jennifer joined the group staying close to their father and uncle.

It was quiet as the babies were fed. Trying to develop some type of plan, Johnny tried to feel the two women out. “Where are we?”

“You don’t recognize our cabin, dear. This is our love nest, don’t you remember?” Callie’s words sent chills down Johnny’s spine. There was another feeling, too. A feeling that tore at his heart—Nicole needed him and he couldn’t be there.

“Now I do. Just waking up, my mind was a little fuzzy there.” Johnny figured the best way to keep them safe until they could think of something was to go along with whatever these women said.

“I knew you’d recognize it. After the babies are fed, we’ll take a walk outside and watch the sunset.” Callie smiled at Johnny believing that he loved her and they were a family now. What no one in the cabin knew was that right outside were waiting policemen and the men of station 51. In the ten hours since they had taken their hostages, Vince was able to determine that these two women had bought one of the abandoned ranger stations. When they arrived at the station and saw the smoke from the fireplace chimney, everyone knew that the six people they were looking for were in that cabin.

Johnny held Melanie tight. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but he didn’t want to lose any of his family. He wanted all them to be back together again and he wanted to hold Nicole in his arms. Roy saw the pain in his eyes and traded Melanie for Melinda when Johnny finished feeding her. Johnny then held Melinda as tightly as he had Melanie. Roy put his hand on Johnny’s shoulder to offer his support.

“Now that the babies have been fed, let’s go for that walk. The sun will be setting soon and we want to be in the perfect place to see it.” Callie pulled out backpacks for carrying the babies. When he saw them, Johnny had an idea. He really didn’t want these women to touch his kids.

“Callie, why don’t you let Roy and me carry the babies? We can easily carry them. That way during the hike you and Mandy won’t get too tired. Roy and I are used to this type of thing since we often have to carry heavy men down stairs, etc.” Johnny prayed that Callie would let them do it. He didn’t know that both he and Roy were holding their breath as they waited for the answer. When Callie readily agreed they both let out their breath and quickly arranged the babies before she could change her mind.

Starting out the door, Callie led the way with Jennifer and Chris following her. Roy and Johnny were next with Mandy bringing up the rear. Of course, both Callie and Mandy had guns and made sure they were where the others could see them. With both men carrying the babies, they knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything during this hike, but Johnny wanted to get an idea of where they were and see if he could find a way out of this mess.

They had been walking for about five minutes when Johnny heard a noise behind him. It wasn’t loud enough for anyone else to hear. His instincts as a paramedic made him turn to see if Mandy was in trouble. He grinned as he saw exactly what the situation was. Turning back around he reached for Roy and motioned for him to look behind them. Roy grinned almost as big as Johnny when he saw what Johnny was showing him. That was when Johnny came up with a plan.

Johnny walked up beside Callie and put his arm around her waist. She was oblivious to everything else around her. Johnny loved her and was walking with her. Roy carefully grabbed Chris and Jennifer and motioned for them to be quiet and join him. They did as they were told, glad to be in the protection of their father. Then he told them to get behind him. As they fell back behind their Dad, they felt hands on their shoulders. Before they could say anything, hands were clamped over their mouths. It was only when they saw that the hands belonged to Mike Stoker and Hank Stanley that they settled down and allowed themselves to be taken back down the path the way they had come. Both kids smiled when they say Mandy sitting in the back of a police car looking very dejected. It wasn’t only a few minutes later that Roy joined his kids back at the cabin where the police were waiting.

Callie had become very lax as Johnny held her. She put her arm around Johnny’s waist and let the gun hang from her hand. She laid her head on his shoulder. Nothing that had gone on behind her had even caught her attention. She didn’t even realize that everyone else was gone. Closing her eyes, she let Johnny guide her up the path. Then she felt someone grab the gun and someone else grab her from the other side pulling her away from Johnny. She realized that he willing let go of her and opening her eyes, she saw Vince with his gun trained on her and another policeman holding the gun she had so easily let go of. Seeking help from Johnny who she was sure would tell these men to go away, she screamed as she saw him trotting back down the path towards the cabin and his ride back to his home. Vince handcuffed her and led her back to the waiting police car.

Just before she was placed in the car, Callie looked at Johnny. “I bet Nicole told them where we were love. I’m sorry. I should have killed her when I had the chance. I didn’t mean to let it slip where our cabin was. Can you ever forgive me? I love you Johnny.”

“Callie, I don’t now nor have I ever loved you in any way. I will never forgive you for what you put my family through. I never want to see you again as long as I live.” Johnny could usually forgive someone, but this time Callie had gone too far. She had put his family in danger.

“You are just saying that because of all the men standing here. You know you really love me and want to be with me.” Callie was still talking as Johnny turned his back and she was placed in the police car.

“Roy, let’s take our families and go home to our wives.” Johnny was glad this ordeal was over.

“Yeah, that’s the best suggestion I have ever heard.” Roy smiled as Chet and Marco led the two men back to the waiting van where Mike and Hank had taken Chris and Jennifer. As Johnny pulled in behind the engine to follow it back to LA, he and Roy were both sending up prayers of thanks.

Back at Rampart, Dixie had been trying once again to get through to Nicole. It surprised her when Nicole looked at Joanne with a smile that spread across her whole face. It surprised Dixie even more when Joanne returned the smile. “Joanne, they are alright. Our families are on their way home.”

“Yes, Nicole, they are. Everything is going to be ok.” Joanne climbed out of bed and went to her “sister” and held her as they both cried tears of joy.

Joanne saw the look of confusion on Dixie’s face. “Dixie, they’ve found the guys and kids. They will be here soon.”

Before Dixie could say anything Dr. Brackett opened the door with a smile that matched the women’s. “We just got a call from the police. Roy, Johnny and the kids are on their way home. They’ll be here in about 90 minutes.”

“Thanks, Dr. Brackett.” Joanne turned back to her friend. “They’re coming home.”


Nicole and Joanne were pacing when Johnny and Roy entered their room with Chris and Jennifer and the engine crew carrying the babies following behind. Nicole and Joanne launched themselves into their husbands’ arms almost before they were through the door. Neither woman wanted to let go. They had come too close to losing their families.

Nicole had her head buried in Johnny’s shoulder. “Is it really over? Are you all ok? Are the kids all ok?”

“Yes, it’s really over and we are all right here.” Johnny realized how close they had come to losing Joanne and Nicole, too.”

“And we are going to check them all out thoroughly to make sure there are no after effects of the drugs they were given.” Dr. Brackett had seen the group come through the doors and had followed them upstairs.

Nicole and Joanne wouldn’t let go of Roy and Johnny’s hands as the group turned to head down to the emergency room. As they reached the door, Cap and Mike handed the babies they were carrying to Nicole and Johnny. Nicole held Melanie tightly in one arm and Johnny’s hand tightly in her other hand as he held Melinda. She didn’t want to let her family out of her sight for a very long time.

All members of the Station 51 family were glad that their family was safe and whole once again.


July, 1979

Things had settled down again for the DeSotos and Gages. Johnny and Nicole were having a cookout at the ranch for all of their friends for the fourth. It had only been a month and a half since the Wandell twins had disrupted their lives, but they had put it in the past. Nicole was busy in the kitchen when the DeSotos arrived early to help with the preparations. Johnny was out at the barn and waved as they pulled in. Chris and Jennifer jumped out of the car and ran towards Johnny. Jennifer jumped into his outstretched arms as was her normal greeting. Roy and Joanne followed at a slower pace.

“Hi, guys. Glad you could come early to help. I know that Nicole seems to have everything under control, but the babies had a bad night last night and I’m sure she is more tired than she is letting on.” Johnny had put Jennifer down and had hugged Joanne and Chris and shared a warm handshake with Roy.

“Does she suspect anything?” Roy was amazed that his partner could plan a birthday party for Nicole and keep it a secret. Usually he couldn’t keep a secret for very long.

“No, she doesn’t. She said she didn’t want to make a big deal of her birthday, but after everything that has happened over the last two years, I wanted to do something special for her.” Johnny smiled to himself as he thought of the day he had planned for his wife.

“I’ll go inside and see if I can help her with anything.” Joanne loved Johnny and Nicole and was glad to see the two of them so happy.

It wasn’t long before the others started to arrive and the party was in full swing. There were hot dogs and hamburgers and food enough for everyone as well as horseback riding, games and conversation. There was even a few times when someone would start a patriotic song and the whole group would join in.

Then about four o’clock Johnny nodded to Joanne and a birthday cake for Nicole appeared. Then the party turned into a celebration for Nicole. Johnny knew she would be surprised. Her birthday was really the 12th, but this was the only time he could get everyone together. As she became “queen for a day”, Johnny smiled at the happy, contented look on her face. He knew it was the first time in her life that she knew she was really loved and had family and friends who cared.


The mood around the Station 51 when A-shift was on duty was one of anxiousness. All six men were studying. Captain Stanley was studying for the Chief’s exam. Chet and Marco were studying for the Engineer’s exam. Roy and Johnny (now that they could still be certified paramedics as well as captains) and Mike were studying for the Captain’s exam.

The shift had been unusually quiet and the men had been studying for about two hours. Roy took a break and got up to pour himself a cup of coffee. He noticed that everyone but Johnny was busy reading or studying. But it was the look on his partner’s face that caught his attention. Johnny had a look of sadness. “Johnny, what’s wrong?”

Grateful for a small break, all eyes turned to look at Johnny in anticipation of his response.

“I was just thinking how great it will be when we all pass and then it really hit me. When we all pass, we will all be going our separate ways—each of us to a different job, different station, maybe a different shift and different co-workers. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful that we all will be moving on and it is the best thing that could happen to each of us. But you all are my family and I look forward to seeing you each shift. When one of us is gone, something seems missing. I am really going to miss the good times that we share. And yes I am even going to miss the Phantom. I hope you all don’t think I’m crazy and please don’t do it if you don’t really mean it, but can we promise to keep in touch with each other and stay a family?” Johnny’s eyes were shining by the time he finished.

All five of the other members of A-shift agreed without hesitation. They were a family and they would stay that way. None of them wanted to loose that family feeling either.


Everyone hoped that today would be a quiet day. A-shift had worked most of their days off because of the earthquake. Chief McConikee had seen to it that they were able to have a day’s rest before returning to work. However, they were still weary from helping with the clean up from the earthquake.

But they had not even gotten through roll call before the station was called out to a farm on the outskirts of their district where a boy had fallen into an abandoned well. On the trip to the farm, Johnny and Roy discussed the hazards of abandoned wells that were not properly filled it and closed off. Both men hoped that the boy was alright and that the well was not too deep.

A frantic mother met the squad at the end of the driveway and directed them back to the area where the father was calling to the boy. Both paramedics worried when they realized the boy was not answering his father.

Johnny lay down on the ground near the well so he could look inside and check to see if he could see the boy at all. His heart sank when he couldn’t see the bottom of the well even with the aide of his flashlight. “Sir, how deep is this well? What is your son’s name?”

“His name is Doug. I really don’t know how deep the well is. I didn’t even know it was here. We just moved here two months ago and today is the first day that any of us have been able to explore the property.”

Johnny knew he was going to have to go down since he was the only one who would fit. He had the harness on and the rope attached in record time. As he slowly made his way down the well, Chet and Marco kept control of his rope and descent.

Unable to do anything but wait, Roy needed to be doing something. After he had all the equipment laid out nearby he went to stand with the Captain and the parents.

“How did he end up in the well?” Captain Stanley was trying to get all the information he would need for his report.

“There were some bees flying around here and he started to run. The cover to the well was overgrown and we didn’t know it was there. The boards are rotted through and when he ran across them, his weight was enough to cause them to break and he fell in.”

“Has he talked to you at all since he fell?” Roy wasn’t totally concentrating on what was being said or he would have been worried. After all, Johnny was allergic to bee stings.

“No, he hasn’t said a word.”

Just then the HT in Cap’s hand sounded. “Cap, I’m at the bottom of the well. Have Roy set up a relay to Rampart.”

“Ok, here I’ll give the HT to Roy so you can talk directly to him.” Hank handed the HT to Roy and bent down to get Rampart on the biophone. Roy had already established contact once and they were waiting for a report on the victim.

“Roy, he has a broken leg, broken arm and a head injury. Both the arm and leg are clean breaks, but he is bleeding from the ear and I can’t get a response even with a sternal rub. Send down a C-collar and backboard. I need to get him out of the freezing water and up top before we can assess him any more.”

“C-collar and backboard on the way.” Roy nodded his thanks to Mike who already had the requested items on the way down to Johnny as Roy took the biophone from Hank to update Rampart.

Five minutes later Johnny and Roy were busy taking Doug’s vitals and following Rampart’s orders. As they worked both men noticed an irritating noise around them, but didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until they had the patient ready for transport that Roy realized what the father had said about the boy running from some bees and he knew what the irritating sound was. The ambulance crew was loading the patient when Roy saw Johnny bend over to pick up the biophone to ride in with him. Johnny didn’t even seem to notice the four bees that were buzzing around him—until two landed on his neck and stung him. Not knowing what had bit him, Johnny swatted at the two insects. Then he noticed the other two bees and his eyes grew wide.

Although Roy realized that Johnny had been stung and quickly opened the drug and trauma boxes, he wouldn’t find out until later that Johnny had been stung twice. Thankfully, Chet had been standing next to Johnny and knew something was wrong. He had Johnny on the ground as Johnny’s knees buckled. Roy grabbed an airway tube and a shot of epinephrine in one hand as he flipped open the biophone with the other.

Mike and Marco had both seen what had happened. Marco had the antenna set up on the biophone by the time Mike had taken the tube and medicine from Roy and helped to have them ready. Roy grew impatient as it seemed like several minutes for Rampart to answer when it was in reality only about ten seconds. But right now, every second counted for Johnny.

Chet and Hank were on their knees trying to keep Johnny calm. They could tell his throat was swelling and he was having difficulty breathing. Macro had grabbed the blood pressure cuff and was taking a reading while Hank counted respirations. Chet was getting his pulse.

“Rampart, this is Squad 51. How do you read?” Roy wanted to get the airway in before Johnny’s throat was completely swollen shut. He didn’t want to have to do a tracheotomy in the field.

“Squad 51, this is Rampart. Go ahead.”

Roy sighed with relief when Brackett was the doctor who answered. He went on to report to Brackett what had happened and quickly insert the airway that had been ordered. With a sigh of relief, he knew that if he had to wait even 10 seconds longer, he wouldn’t have been able to get the airway in. By the time he was able to administer the ordered epinephrine and antihistamines, Johnny was unconscious. Roy’s concern grew even more when the second set of vitals had not improved much even with the administered medicines.

The trip to Rampart seemed to take forever. Chet had ridden along in the ambulance to keep bagging Johnny while Roy kept track of both patients. Worried when Johnny didn’t seem to be getting any better, Chet looked at Roy for a sign of reassurance. His worry grew when he saw the same look on Roy’s face. The ambulance was backing into Rampart when both men noticed the bluish color to Johnny’s skin. They were both grateful to be able to turn his care over to someone with more expertise than they had. But the look on Brackett’s face when he kicked them out of the treatment room was not reassuring at all.


Fifteen minutes later the rest of A-shift found Chet and Roy sitting in the doctor’s lounge. Chet was pacing and Roy was sitting with his heads in his hands. “Roy, how is he? And how is the boy?” Hank looked at the dejected look on Roy’s face.

“The boy has a severe concussion along with the broken arm and leg, but Dr. Early says he will make a full recovery. Johnny had him packaged so well when he was pulled up out of the well that he couldn’t have moved or injured himself any further if he had tried. Johnny didn’t look so good and his vitals didn’t improve on the way in. I don’t know how he is, Cap.”

“Has anyone called Nicole?” Mike sat beside Roy to lend his support.

“Oh, man, I forgot about Nicole.” Roy couldn’t even think straight. “I guess I’d better go do that now.”

“It’s all taken care of, Roy. She was at your house. Your neighbor is going to watch the kids and Joanne is bringing her in now.” Dixie had walked in just in time to hear Mike’s question.

“Thanks, Dixie. Do you know how Johnny is? Do they know why he didn’t seem to respond to the medicine?”

“He did respond to the medicine, Roy. If you hadn’t been ready and knew what to do, he would be dead by now. Johnny was stung twice and the medicine you administered was enough to get him here so they could get him on a ventilator and give him what he needs. Johnny’s vitals signs began to improve about ten minutes ago. Kel just wants to make sure he is stable and then he will be right in. Rneeds to see Johnny for himself before he can believe that he will be ok. I know that Johnny is in the best of hands here and will make a full recovery. I’ll see Johnny in a few minutes.” Nicole took Roy’s place on the couch surrounded by her “family.”


Roy opened the treatment door hesitantly. He wanted to believe Dr. Brackett that Johnny was going to be alright, but he remembered the bluish color Johnny had as he and Chet were escorted out of the treatment room. The pensive look on his face melted away into a smile as he saw Johnny’s eyes watching him. Carol was just finishing up with all the things needed to be done before they moved him to a room. They had put Johnny on a ventilator. Knowing that Roy needed a few minutes with his partner, Carol left the room while they waited for transport. Roy gave her a nod of thanks as she left.

“Hey, Johnny.” Roy walked over to his partner’s side. Johnny raised his right hand in acknowledgement. “You look a lot better than you did a few minutes ago.” Johnny’s response was a thumb’s up sign and a finger pointed at Roy. Roy knew that Johnny was trying to say thank you. “You’re welcome, Johnny. I’m just glad I was there.”

Johnny smiled and then motioned to his wedding band. It was then that Roy realized Nicole had followed Dr. Brackett into the doctor’s lounge. “Nicole’s here. When Brackett came into the lounge and told me you wanted to see me, it didn’t even register that she was behind him. I’m sorry, Johnny. I should have brought her with me. I’ll go get her.Rneeds to see Johnny for himself before he can believe that he will be ok. I know that Johnny is in the best of hands here and will make a full recovery. I’ll see Johnny in a few minutes.” Nicole took Roy’s place on the couch surrounded by her “family.”


Roy opened the treatment door hesitantly. He wanted to believe Dr. Brackett that Johnny was going to be alright, but he remembered the bluish color Johnny had as he and Chet were escorted out of the treatment room. The pensive look on his face melted away into a smile as he saw Johnny’s eyes watching him. Carol was just finishing up with all the things needed to be done before they moved him to a room. They had put Johnny on a ventilator. Knowing that Roy needed a few minutes with his partner, Carol left the room while they waited for transport. Roy gave her a nod of thanks as she left.

“Hey, Johnny.” Roy walked over to his partner’s side. Johnny raised his right hand in acknowledgement. “You look a lot better than you did a few minutes ago.” Johnny’s response was a thumb’s up sign and a finger pointed at Roy. Roy knew that Johnny was trying to say thank you. “You’re welcome, Johnny. I’m just glad I was there.”

Johnny smiled and then motioned to his wedding band. It was then that Roy realized Nicole had followed Dr. Brackett into the doctor’s lounge. “Nicole’s here. When Brackett came into the lounge and told me you wanted to see me, it didn’t even register that she was behind him. I’m sorry, Johnny. I should have brought her with me. I’ll go get her.”

Before Roy could take a step, Johnny grabbed his arm and smiled as best he could without setting off the vent alarm.

Roy knew that Johnny was amused with him and he laughed, too. “I’ll be back in a minute with that wife of yours.”

Johnny nodded slightly and closed his eyes to rest until Roy returned with Nicole. It was only a few minutes later that he drifted off to sleep with Nicole’s hand firmly held in his right hand and Roy’s in his left. He stirred a little when they had to pull their hands free so he could be transported to his room, but once he was settled in a room and they were again on either side of him, he didn’t move a muscle.


It was a week before Johnny returned to work, but when he did, he opened his locker to find a big box of epi pens on the top shelf. When he turned around, there stood Mike, Marco, Hank, Roy and Chet each with two epi pens in their pockets. With a shake of his head and a round of laughter from them all, he quickly changed into his uniform, put two pens in his pocket and joined the others for a quick cup of coffee before roll call.


August, 1979

Nicole came in the door and just sat in the chair. How was she going to tell Johnny? She didn’t believe it herself, but the doctor had said it was true. What would Johnny’s reaction be? Well, she needed to talk to him as soon as possible. As she picked up her purse and keys to head to the DeSotos and pick up her kids, she decided to stop at the station. This was something she needed to tell Johnny now instead of waiting for him to come home.

As she pulled into the station parking lot, she was relieved to see that the squad and engine were both there.

“Hi Nicole, what brings you here?” Roy was the first one to see her as she walked into the bay.

“I really need to talk to Johnny. Is he around?” Nicole needed to feel her husband’s arms around her right now.

“Yeah, I’ll get him.” Roy hurried to the locker room to get his partner wondering what was going on. He was sure Johnny would tell him later.

“Hi, honey, what’s up?” Johnny was surprised to see his wife. He took one look at her face and saw something that no one else would be able to see—she was scared.

“Can we go somewhere private to talk?” Nicole was determined to keep her cool until they were alone.

To be continued in

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